Physical Abilities Part 2: 8 y/o Uneven Bars

"How do I get my little ones to cast?" "I'm having problems getting my ittie bitties to understand how to clear hip circle."  "The toe circle is giving us trouble and we only have a few months until testing!"  If you've ever asked these questions or have these concerns, this segment is for You!  We will uncover all the 8 year old TOPs skills & routines to help you get your skills faster and better.

*This is also a great segment for beginning developmental casting, clear hips, tap swings, level 4 swing 1/2 turn, toe circle to squat ons, and much more! You don't want to miss this! 

Developmental Uneven Bar Skills (8 yrs. old)

"How do I get my kids to cast stronger?" " I'm struggling getting them to understand the clear hip and toe circle!" "How can I motivate my ittie bitties to want to buy into wanting to condition so their skills come faster?"  If you ever asked any of these or just want to improve your developmental program's bars, this segment is for you!  

$12.99 USD