GP International Inner Circle ⭕️

Welcome to our brand NEW GP International Inner Circle Coaches Course, where coaches' education is reaching unprecedented levels! A full year of career-changing learning and development for coaches. Whether you are a beginner coach or advanced, this year-long journey is going to make you 100x better, guaranteed (as long as you put in the work)! 

Each month you will be invited to our GP International Inner Circle ⭕️  Boardroom,  where we will be having collaborative discussions about technique, philosophy, methodology, giving you everything you need to know about building your gymnasts from the very beginning to the most advanced. It's going to be ground-breaking! 

You will also have your own Inner Circle Video Portal where you will find training circuits, such as daily bars, beam, vault, and tumbling complexes, trampoline and dance programs, and level-specific workout plans. Our goal is to make it as simple as: you click, see the stations for that day, set up and go! Along with all of the training tools, you will also be able to watch some of your favorite Inner Circle Coaches interviews to listen in and get a more insightful view on how they go about developing their gymnasts. 

We will be kicking things off with our first boardroom discussion, Sunday August 30th. When you look back a year from now and see the amount of knowledge you have acquired through this inner circle membership, it will be more than worth the investment. It's going to blow your mind! Take advantage of the early bird registration, which ends August 30th. 

Lastly, at the end of the year-long course, each "participating" member will receive a GP Accredited Inner Circle Certification, which means you will be an official GP-certified instructor. This means you will be an eligible GP instructor for any GP-affiliated camps, clinics, lectures, in gym consultations, or any other GP Educational Platforms!  You don't want to miss this!   When you think of the caliber of coach you will be in one year, it will all be worth it!

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