Coaches Helping Coaches Coaching Community

Coaches helping coaches is all about creating a community of eager, motivated, hard working, and passionate coaches who can't learn enough!  None of us know as much as all of us!  Each week/month we will cover a new skill or circuit aimed to help each other garner more ideas for our gymnasts. We will have contests to see what club or coaches can come up with the most innovative ideas/drills with prizes! :) Learning is fun, especially when you get to do it together! 2019-20 is all about Coaches Helping Coaches!  Our Coaches Helping Coaches Videos will automatically be uploaded into your GP Diamond Membership Video Library!

Coaches Helping Coaches Offer

Hi GP Family! Welcome to our New COACHES HELPING COACHES Chatroom!  Make sure to tell all of your coaching friends about this new and exciting platform!  It's FREE!  We will be posting drills and training tips each week and we don't want you to miss it!  We will be starting with Week 1: "All About Kips!"  During the week, you will have the opportunity to tag us with your favorite drills for that week's skill. This week the hashtag is #GPCHECKOUTOURKIPDRILL.  You could win BIG!  Full COACHES HELPING COACHES Video footage will be automatically uploaded into our GP Diamond Membership, which we are still offering a Free Month Trial that you can take advantage of by using coupon code: COACHESHELPINGCOACHES.  Let's get ready to begin this amazing journey together!