Developing Successful Athletes

Developing successful athletes comes from having a positive support system, also known as the triangle effect. The triangle effect occurs when the athlete, coaches, and parents are all working together to help the athlete succeed.

We created the Parent's Corner in hopes of providing parents with the necessary information to making healthy choices both in and outside of the gym.


Tips for Parents New to the Sport of Gymnastics

Parents New to the Sport of Gymnastics

Starting out as a new gymnastics parent can be very confusing. Oftentimes you have many questions and few resources to get the answers you need. Check out this amazing article from, "12 Helpful Tips for Parents New to Gymnastics."


Gymnastics Teaches Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Check out this awesome article, "Life Lessons, A Parent's Perspective" posted by Anne Josephson, by clicking on the photo above. A great story on how to turn, what may be seemingly negative experience, into a teachable moment. Remember, just like life, gymnastics is a process. There will be a lot of highs and unfortunately, a lot of lows as well. It's all about having the right perspective!


Take Your Mental Game to the Next Level

Institute of Sports Performance Texas

Mental toughness is key in developing as a successful gymnast. As we progress through our gymnastics training physically, it is just as important to progress in our mental training as well. Click on the photo above to discover ways of overcoming sports injuries, optimize sports performance and team build. Robert Andrews, M.A., founder of Institute of Sports Performance Texas, specializes in mental training and has worked with many international elite gymnasts.

Robert attended the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic games where he worked with U.S.A. and international athletes in gymnastics, trampoline, and track & field. His areas of expertise, primary areas of focus and passion are working with athletes and their families to help each athlete reach their peak potential. He is an expert at assisting injured athletes in overcoming the mental and emotional impact of their sports related injury. He also works with coaches, parents and teams.